Saturday, July 16, 2016

Gone to Nantucket in My Mind

One might think I'd never go into a bookstore or library again. I've got shelves of unread books and probably an unequal number waiting on my iPad. I'm circling new books in the New York Times Book Review every week and it's highly unlikely I will run out of books to read in this lifetime, however long it may be. But like a moth to light, I'm drawn to anywhere there may be books. I love looking at the shelves, never knowing what treasure I may find.

During tonight's bookstore visit -- thankfully there's still one in walking distance -- I made my way to the mystery section. I thoroughly enjoyed Heart of Ice, set in Mackinac Island, and had summer resorts on my mind. I was drawn to Francine Mathews' Death in the Off-Season. This is the first volume in the series set on Nantucket Island, featuring police officer Meredith "Merry" Folger. I did a quick flip through the first chapter and read the copy on the back cover, and yes, added this series to my endless "to-read" list.

 I find books and mystery series everywhere. I'm always on the lookout for a new series and the thought of five, ten or twenty volumes with the same main characters -- if I'm especially fortunate -- is a great prize.  How do you find new mysteries? Reviews? Blogs? Word of mouth and recommendations from friends? Coffee Light would love to know.

It's hot, hot, hot in New York City this week. One of my favorite activities is to sit in a cool corner with an iced coffee and a good mystery. So many mysteries and so little time!

Thanks for visiting. Keep cool and keep reading! 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Mackinac Island Mysteries

Happy Fourth of July, dear mystery readers!
I had the good fortune to travel to Mackinac Island, MI last week. It's a small, but beautiful island set in Lake Huron and it was definitely a good visit. Some of the most fabulous scenery imaginable, good food, good company and a visit to a wonderful bookstore, The Island Bookstore. There are stores on Mackinaw Island and just across the ferry in Mackinaw City. I spent time with the staff discussing mysteries set in Mackinaw Island and found a trove of books I hope to read.


My take away book and fabulous plane reading was  Heart of Ice, by PJ Parrish. It's the latest in the Louis Kincaid series. It kept me reading throughout a long, long delay in Detroit Airport, which is one of my gauges of a book that holds my interest. Private detective Louis Kincaid returns to Mackinaw -- great description of the island -- and becomes entwined in a decades old murder. There are twists, turns and some dark family secrets. Yes, this is often the premise of a mystery novel, but Louis is an interesting and engaging character, totally believable. I also enjoyed getting to know the other characters and seeing life on the island for the year round residents. I enjoyed it very much and though the other volumes aren't set on Mackinaw I look forward to catching up with the entire series and spending more time with Louis Kincaid. 
Another series on my reading list is written by Peter Marabell. Mackinac Island is the setting for Murder at Cherokee Point and Murder on Lake Street. Devils are Here is set in Petoskey, across the Straits of Mackinaw and down the highway. Peter Marabell is a historian who "retired" to Mackinac, and in his retirement runs a business and writes mysteries. I'm looking forward to starting his series with Murder at Cherokee Point. Cherokee Point is fictional, but I'm sure it will keep my memories of Mackinac happily stirred. 
Many thanks to my new friends at The Island Bookstore for great recommendations, good conversation and many happy hours of reading past and to come.  Wishes for a wonderful Fourth and happy hours of reading. 
So many mysteries, so little time!