Thursday, September 28, 2017

I Never Thought I'd Fall in Love Again...

But I'm in love and I'm not hiding it.
At 67 I believed that my falling in love days were over and done. But after finishing Rather Be the Devil, Ian Rankin's latest mystery novel, I realized that I was in love and had been in love for years. Of all the men and detectives, I'd fallen for John Rebus, the very human hero of these novels.
Yes, Rebus is "seeing someone," may start smoking again at any second, lives 3,000 miles away in Scotland and perhaps the biggest impediment to our relationship, is a fictional character. But in this latest novel, dark and brooding as ever, he is very real to me, and his intelligence and sense of fairness drew me to him in this book, as in every past novel. In Rather Be the Devil Rebus has just retired from the Edinburgh police force, but not surprisingly is drawn back into an unsolved murder case from the 1970s.
In an era where corruption and power are part of every day discussion Rather Be the Devil looks at these issues through the lens of a mystery novel. As someone who has crossed over to retirement, I enjoyed seeing these issues through Rebus' cynical and experienced lens and the twists of the plot and the characters kept me reading.   
My dear Rebus, I'm glad your retirement was brief. I bet I'm not the only reader who waits eagerly for your next adventure when you'll once again be a part of my life.   


  1. What a cute, captivating lead-in!
    Dark and brooding isn't normally my preferred tone, but your words and the publisher's summary have piqued my interest!

  2. I love good book suggestions and this will be a new one for me. Don't be runnin' off with Rebus!

  3. It seems like all I want to read lately is mysteries. I'll look for this one! Hugs!

  4. I enjoyed your visit to my "Here comes the gang"! It seems I don't take the time to read many novels--I'm usually studying in my bible group books. Sound like distance is not a factor in your affection!