Saturday, January 23, 2016

Do You Like a Mystery?

Welcome, you've come to the right place.
This blog is about mystery novels, and only mystery novels. I may write about a thriller or two -- and there will definitely be a post about the line between mysteries and thrillers -- but otherwise it's all mysteries, all the time.
I love to read and I like to read a variety of books.  But let me loose in a bookstore or a library and I inevitably drift over to the mysteries. Even though my bookshelves and my iPad have an almost endless list of titles waiting to be read, I'm always in search of the mystery that got away, my own elusive Moby Dick of reading. It might be a new author, or a title or if I'm really lucky, a new series. 
I like historical settings -- can't get enough of Tudor times -- and I like modern settings. I like a little noir, as well. Cozy settings can be fun, but I'm happiest when things are a little more gray, or even better, darker still. I'm going to be sharing my thoughts on my favorites, as well as new discoveries. I hope that the readers that find their way here will be sharing their thoughts, too. I welcome comments and guest bloggers and look forward to creating a space for all of us who like mysteries.
A little bit about me...I'm from New England, but have lived in New York for the last forty years. I like a comfortable corner to curl up for reading, but I'm probably happier reading on the subway. Love to read, to write and to travel. I like my coffee light, but I like my mysteries noir.
I hope to post twice a month and however you take your coffee (or tea or lemonade) and however you like your mysteries -- whether in a teashop or in a brooding Norwegian forest -- welcome. I hope you'll stop by often.