Thursday, September 29, 2016

Happy National Coffee Day

In order to celebrate National Coffee Day -- yes, there is a day to fete le café -- I'm leaving the land of noir and stopping by the cozy mysteries. I'm inspired to take this departure by Cleo Coyle's very fun and very quirky Coffeehouse Mystery series. The series takes place in a landmark coffeehouse in Greenwich Village. The series focuses around amateur sleuths in some of the wittiest titled -- and most fun -- mysteries on the shelves. The website is also delightful and you will find great recipes. In the interest in truth in blogging I need to add that I have yet to try the recipes in the interest of continuing to fit in my present wardrobe. They look that delicious.

I found one other title that also had a coffee focus. I haven't read it, it also looks like great fun. It's  Death by Coffee by Alex Erickson. It's the first in the Bookstore Café mystery series and I'm going to search for the other titles. I've developed an affection for the titles of cozy mystery novels. I love my dark and brooding noir mysteries, but the cozies definitely have more fun titles.

 A cat, coffee and a mystery! It doesn't get much better for fun reading.
Is anyone a fan of cozy mystery novels, as well as the more somber noir mysteries? What authors are your favorites?

Now I'm going to settle in for some reading on this first chilly night of autumn. Since this post of Coffee Noir talked about cozies I'm going to turn everything upside down and have a cup of mint tea. It's a wild night here in New York.

So many mystery novels and so little time! Thanks so much for visiting.

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  1. I have been busy reading all of the Hannah Swensen novels by Joanne Fluke. They all take place at The Cookie Jar coffee shop. They are the basis for the Murder She Baked movies on Hallmark and certainly fit the definition of cozy mysteries.